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Adario Strange, a Buzzfeed editor has been covering technology since the early days of Web 1.0 and got an up-close look at birth of Silicon Alley in New York City. Originally from New York.

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Patch sponsored by Boxtrolls

Welcome to the Boxtrolls Patch and the magical world underground trolls and their friend Eggs and Winnie...

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How to Post on Patch

Welcome back! Here’s what you need to know to start posting on Patch again....

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Two in custody after girl shot in neck at Cumberland high school ::

Two teens were taken into custody Monday after a 15-year-old girl was seriously wounded in a shooting at Cape Fear High School near Fayetteville, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office....

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School Board Stung by Science Class Outrage

Los Alamitos Unified's plan to include a skeptical view of global warming prompts a national backlash....


VIDEO: Documentary on University Park Solar Energy Project Debuts

Film describes installation of solar panels at Church of the Brethren....


‘Free’ College? Yes, Under Michigan’s Pay-It-Forward Tuition Proposal

Similar plans are being discussed in 20 other states to help students avoid some of the large loans that dog them for years and stand in the way of other financial commitments, such as paying mortgages or setting aside money for retirement....


Lifelong Learning: Georgia Tech offers expertise worldwide

Newly signed agreement with Coursera further supports school's commitment to "using technology and advanced platforms to enrich and expand educational opportunities."...

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Companion of Tyler Clementi lives in 'substantial fear' of having his privacy invaded

Mysterious "M.B." worries that the disclosure of his name will result in an invasion of his privacy...

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Fix of Mississippi River channel would create new island

The Mississippi River will get a new island near Cottage Grove in a plan to straighten out a crooked barge channel....

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MUST SEE: Drone Video Offers Aerial View of Napa Quake Damage

This video captured by a man's quadcopter drone provides a bird's eye look at the damage....

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Friends, colleagues pay tribute to Cleveland Heights' Harvey Pekar

A tribute to the late Harvey Pekar was held Oct. 25 at the Lee Road Dobama Theater, in conjunction with a fundraising campaign for a monument dedicated to the Cleveland Heights artist....


Here's Where LFHS Grads are Going to College

The largest number of Lake Forest High School grads are heading downstate to U of I....

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Mountain lions caught on camera at Stanford's Jasper Ridge

Oct 6, 2011 ... Infrared cameras capture mountain lions out and about in the nighttime; with the top predator eating deer, the local ecosystem is intact....

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Parents of woman who OD'd at Busch mansion can join suit : News

Adrienne Martin died of an overdose at August Busch IV's mansion in Huntleigh on Dec. 19, 2010....