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Adario Strange, a Buzzfeed editor has been covering technology since the early days of Web 1.0 and got an up-close look at birth of Silicon Alley in New York City. Originally from New York.

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Hieroglyph article

Project Hieroglyph: Science fiction for better futures | Robohub

It seems like our most popular visions of the future always end with environmental collapse, authoritarian oppression … and the ever-popular zombie apocalypse. Science fiction, what Clive Thompson called “the last great [...]...

513170a i1 article

Q&A: The sci-fi optimist : Nature : Nature Publishing Group

Sep 11, 2014 ... Best-selling science-fiction writer Neal Stephenson's works cover everything from cryptography to Sumerian mythology. Ahead of next year's ......

The Mathematics of Gamification | Foursquare Engineering Blog

Jan 3, 2014 ... At Foursquare, we maintain a database of 60 million venues. And like the world it represents, our database is ever-changing, with users from all ......

Fiction Writers Help Scientists Push Known Boundaries

A group of authors and researchers met this month to support engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs in aiming higher with technology, despite elusive grants....